James Berberet


Appointed 2018 to
Term Ending May 2019

Sally Brashaw

6th Ward Alderperson

Appointed 2013, Elected 2015 and 2017
Term through May 2021

Donald Parker

4th Ward Alderperson

Appointed 2018 to
Term Ending May 2021

City Meeting in Freeport Illinois

Art Ross

3rd Ward Alderperson

Elected 2015
Term through May 2019

Tom Klemm

1st Ward Alderperson

Appointed 2005, Elected 2007, 2011 and 2015
Term through May 2019


Jodi Miller


Elected 2017
Term through May 2021
Provide sound municipal leadership and efficient, high quality services that enhance the safety, economic prosperity, quality of life, and public health of our community.

Lowell Crow

City Manager

The City Manager serves at the pleasure of the City Council and is charged with putting the Council’s vision, goals, and priorities into action.

Andrew Zupkoff

Director of Community and Economic Development

Andrew is the Director of Community and Economic Development.

Todd Allen

Fire Chief

Todd Allen joined the Freeport Fire Department on October 31, 2017 as Fire Chief.

Todd Barkalow

Chief of Police

Chief Barkalow joined the Freeport Police Department in 1993 and was appointed to the position of Police Chief in May 2014.

Randy Bukas

Finance Director/Deputy City Manager/Ex Officio Treasurer

Randy Bukas comes to the City of Freeport with almost 40 years of experience in local government.

Debra Milliman

Debra Milliman

Human Resource Manager

The Human Resource Department of the City of Freeport provides such services as benefits administration, recruitment, orientation, safety training, workers’ compensation administration and salary and benefits administration.


Dennis Carr

Director of Public Works/City Engineer

Dennis Carr joined the City of Freeport on November 6, 2017 as Director of Public Works.

Tom Kopanski

Tom Kopanski

Director of Utility Operations

Tom became the Director of Utility Operations for the City of Freeport on September 5, 2017.

Curt Suttman

Director of Information Technology

Curt has been employed with the City for over 7 years and has been promoted to Director of Information Technology.

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